Maryland man finds purpose in helping vulnerable people

Roger Rothman, of Rockville, Md., made a career out of working as a mental health clinical social worker. It was a long-term effort that required meeting with the same people for many years.

In situations like that, it’s hard to see or know if you’re making progress or having any impact at all because change comes gradually. However, Roger found a way to energize himself and recognize an immediate impact on the lives of others.

For 30 years, Roger has helped provide critical home repairs to his community’s most vulnerable homeowners, including seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and others, according to Points of Light.

Today, the 72-year-old has risen to the rank of house captain with the Rebuilding Together Montgomery County (RTMC) organization. He is responsible for finding volunteers and coordinating the purchase of construction materials. He also raised thousands of dollars for the group.

“I am not super skilled in construction. I would not be able to replace a roof or repair a challenging electrical or plumbing project, but what I am good at is organizing and leadership,” he told Points of Light.

“Roger is like our North Star,” said Maury Peterson, executive director of RTMC. “He’s inspiring to everybody he volunteers with. Our homeowners love working with him because he takes the time to listen to what they need and makes them feel comfortable. He really is the embodiment of our mission.”  

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