Who will remember you?

Photo of a grandfather and grandson looking at old pictures.

It’s really a shame. Technology exists today which enables everyone to capture and create a permanent record of their own story. But, very, very, very few people take the time to do so.

Who are you to history?

Photo of The Thinker statue.

“It comes back to the idea of feeling there is a purpose to your existence. Is there anything that motivates you to set foot into the world with enthusiasm? The idea of being of service, of making a contribution, is what drives my sense of purpose,” wrote Vaneisa.

Be a unique grandparent

Photo of a guitar-playing grandfather and his singing granddaughter.

“We don’t have to compete with the child’s other grandparents or even parents, and we don’t even need to specialize in one area,” Barbara wrote. “We can grandparent in our own unique style and way.”

Maximize your mentoring

Photo of a key unlocking a door to success.

Because each of us was mentored by someone for something during our lives. We almost have a duty to pay their generosity forward by lending our expertise to someone else.