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Here are some resources to help bloggers, podcasters and the news media to know more about Forward From 50 and its founder, Greg Gerber.

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Forward From 50 logo
Forward From 50 podcast logo


Founder Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber, founder of Forward From 50.
Greg Gerber, founder of Forward From 50.
Greg Gerber, founder of Forward From 50.

Above photos were taken by Karlee Danielle Photography, and used with permission.

Photo of Greg Gerber, founder of Forward From 50
Photo of Greg Gerber

Pictures above and below, with exception of RV photo, were taken by Judy Denu Photography, and used with permission.

Photo of Forward From 50 founder Greg Gerber with his three daughters: from left, Kristin Belt, Elizabeth Wegner and Rebecca Smith.
Photo of Greg Gerber Starting a three-year RV adventure in April 2014.


Forward From 50 bio

Forward From 50 was founded in 2021 to help men and women over the age of 50 to live more purposeful lives by pursuing things they are passionate about.

The business was founded by Greg Gerber and is incorporated in Arizona.

The platform consists of a website, podcast, weekly newsletter, courses, an online community and coaching services.

The Forward From 50 podcast features interviews with men and women over 50 who are pursuing new direction for their lives. It is an opportunity for people to tell their stories, their way, in their own words.

The Forward From 50 website features news and information pertinent to helping people over 50 identify a purpose for their lives and taking the vital first steps toward pursuing it.

The website also features unique feature stories of go-getters over 50 who are using talent, skills and experiences to work helping others.

Greg Gerber bio

Greg Gerber, the founder of Forward From 50, is a Wisconsin native who moved to Arizona in 2009.

A journalist by trade, he founded Forward From 50 after realizing too many seasoned citizens were not living up to their potential in a way that took advantage of their natural talent, learned skills and unique life experiences.

Greg has a bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. He edited a weekly newspaper while serving in the U.S. Air Force, and edited several monthly business-to-business magazines.

In 2009, Greg created the RV industry’s first entirely-online news site, which also included the industry’s first business-related podcast in 2014.

He is a DODO (Dad of Daughters Only) to three grown daughters, and has five grandchildren living in Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

More information about Greg can be found on Forward From 50’s About Us page.

Interview topics and questions

Here are some topics that Greg Gerber can address during an interview along with some sample questions:

  • What happened in your life that led to the development of Forward From 50?
  • Why is having a sense of purpose so important for people over 50, especially men?
  • How can people identify a purpose for their lives, even in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond?
  • What does it mean to have purpose for your life? How do you define purpose?