Be a unique grandparent

Photo of a guitar-playing grandfather and his singing granddaughter.

“We don’t have to compete with the child’s other grandparents or even parents, and we don’t even need to specialize in one area,” Barbara wrote. “We can grandparent in our own unique style and way.”

90-year-old woodworker builds his own Hobbit house

Photo of Stuart Grant in front of his Hobbit house. Photo appeared at SWNS.

Just after his 55th birthday in 1984, Stuart Grant bought a cottage near Inverness, Scotland, despite it being in near total disrepair. The old shoemaker’s house had no doors, windows or a roof. Because the quirky building was nearly 200 years old, Stuart thought it would be a fun do-it-yourself restoration project. He lived in …

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Finding purpose is not hard work

Photo of an older man working hard or working out.

If we truly are born with no particular destiny, then it would be impossible to discover a purpose. Outside of politicians, name something that exists without a defined purpose.