Illness can’t stop strong, happy, energized woman

Debbie Jewell survived Hodgkin’s disease as a teenager, rheumatic fever as a young adult and breast cancer in her 50s, but it was a lifestyle change that put a spring back in her step, Thrive Global reported.

“I felt depressed; it was like the depression was swallowing me up. I’m in remission, which is great, but my diet wasn’t good,” Debbie explained.

After reading stories of other people who had turned their lives around, she started taking micro-steps to make subtle, but important changes to her lifestyle. For example, she started drinking water instead of Coke. She began baking food rather than frying it. Getting out and walking helped as well.

By eating well and exercising, her physical pain and depression vanished. Debbie even started a small business selling vintage ceramics.

“I’ve always loved beautiful pottery, often from the ’50s, so I buy dishes and plates from thrift stores, clean them up and sell them on Facebook Marketplace,” she told Thrive. “I recently sold a porcelain tray with a rose on it to a lady in California who sent me a message telling me how much she loved and appreciated the care I’d put into restoring and packaging it.”

She takes time every day for self-care, and that’s made a tremendous difference in her mood and outlook. Debbie even went on vacation and bought a newer car.

“I’m blessed that I’m here and I’ve been given another day in this world. I’m feeling better physically and my doctor says my blood work looks much better. I’m more confident and a lot happier,” she explained.

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