Woman proves you don’t need to walk to have purpose

In a delightful article appearing on her blog, Susan Fink relayed the story of an older woman who could barely walk down a grocery store aisle, yet she found a purpose for her life in the easiest of ways — with words of encouragement.

Initially, Louise Hawkins mocked a radio announcer who proclaimed, “God has wonderful opportunities for you to serve him today. All you need to do is ask and watch.”

“I’m sorry God,” she whispered to herself. “I do need to apologize for my sassy attitude! But what possible purpose could you have for me? My body is not exactly in missionary shape.”

Working through fatigue and stiff joints, she grabbed a cart, put her cane inside and proceeded to make her way through the store, stopping to encourage people along the way.

  • She offered parenting advice to the produce man who lifted a watermelon into her cart, and even invited his family to her church.
  • She talked about grandchildren with the pharmacist and recommended homeschooling or a Christian school after learning his granddaughter was struggling in a traditional classroom.
  • She congratulated the cashier on her recent marriage, asked about her new husband and promised to pray for both of them.
  • She insisted that the bagger take a $3 tip for hauling the groceries to her car and placing them inside. “What other purpose do I have today than to help pay for your lunch?” she asked.

Louise Hawkins brightened the lives of at least four different people in the span of a few minutes. Each of them faced unique situations that called for celebration, advice or prayer. Louise served a purpose, even if she didn’t see it as being a worthy one.

I encourage you to read Susan Fink’s story at Blogspot.com.