Three centurions describe their secrets to a long, fulfilling life

Photo originally appeared in SWNS.

Three British women, each over 100 years old and who live together in the same assistant living facility, recently shared their secrets to enjoying long, joyful and fulfilling life.

101-year-old Irene Rankin, left above, Daisy Taylor, 103, and Phyllis Cottrell, 103, have all experienced triumphs and tragedies, but still enjoy life to the fullest, Yahoo News reported

Daisy’s secret to living life to the full is to remain active, which has been relatively easy to do thanks to three children, 10 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Yet, she still finds time and energy for yoga, dancing, cycling and exercise classes.

For Irene, being outdoors has worked to keep her healthy and in good spirits.

“I like to be in the fresh air, beside the seaside, in nature,” she said. “The animals and the plants have always taken my fancy because they are living creatures.”

Knitting has been Phyllis’ lifelong hobby and she still imparts her wisdom by encouraging others to take up the craft, too. Just like her two friends, Phyllis says she can’t stand not doing anything.

Her secret is eating healthy and trying to be optimistic and kind to others.

The full story can be found at Yahoo! Life.