Mike Forrester describes his purpose for coaching men in Episode 037

Today I am interviewing a man who endured a rather traumatic childhood where he was disowned by his parents, and the family’s food was kept locked away. As a result, he brought a lot of insecurity and anxiety issues into adulthood.

Mike Forrester’s story isn’t all warm and fluffy. Because of his anger and insecurity, Mike almost lost his marriage and destroyed relationships with his children.

Fortunately, Mike was working with some men whose lives were vastly different from his, and he wanted what they had.

After swallowing his pride and overcoming fear to talk about his life with others, Mike experienced a transformation. He saved his marriage and restored healthy relationships with his children.

His life was on the right track. However, when Mike turned 50, that’s when his heart came alive after years of being dormant and just going through the motions of life.

After losing his job in information technology, Mike started coaching men regarding life issues and helping them overcome their own anxiety, fear and depression.

After helping a parent transition into assisted living, Mike and his wife evaluated their own lives to determine they did not want to be in the same situation a few years later. They wanted to create some memories now while they were still young enough to do so.

That required the couple to make very specific plans regarding what they wanted to do and where they wanted to wind up rather than allowing fate to determine their course.

Too many people, and especially men, realize way too late that they wound up in situations they didn’t want to be in. Consequently, they need help in order to get a good start on a better second half for their lives.

It is essential that men and women look for opportunities where they can put their wisdom and experience to good use.

Mike noted there are organizations and people who are desperately looking for what seasoned citizens can offer them. Finding those people and opportunities takes a bit of work, but everyone flourishes once the connection takes place.

He likened the situation to sports where younger, inexperienced teams need the wisdom, experience and perspective that only comes through aging.

Nor do seasoned citizens need to be isolated away from society without a meaningful purpose for their lives. Who they associate with has a major impact on their well-being and hope for a better future.

I thought the most profound thing Mike said was that he would rather have a supportive relationship with one man who was willing to speak into his life and who saw what Mike was capable of becoming, than an entire group of drinking buddies who don’t want him to succeed because he would make them look bad by comparison.

Although many men are haunted by discouragement, loneliness and depression, Mike said there is an antidote which works rather quickly. That is to step out and be productive by actively seeking ways to make a difference.

When people understand their purpose and have a reason to move forward to do things which bring them joy, that often offsets any depression they may experience.

Mike was absolutely correct in noting you do not want to get to the end of your life with a litany of regrets because you chose to play small. It’s especially horrifying to realize you could have had everything you dreamed of enjoying, but only if you had decided to take action.

People can connect with Mike or listen to his Fearless Living Today podcast by visiting www.hicoachmike.com.

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