Research shows longevity increasing

Longevity in humans is increasing and the life expectancy gap between men and women is decreasing, a new study discovered.

The research was conducted by the Universidad de Alcalá in Madrid, Spain, and evaluated nine different mortality indicators from a global perspective, according to the Plos One Journal.

“The results show a common steady upward trend in longevity indicators, accompanied by a progressive reduction in disparities between sexes and between groups of countries,” the publication explained.

This study used data by sex for the period 1990–2020 and covers 194 countries around the world.

Researchers explained longevity has improved persistently during the last 30 years, and they expect the trend to continue.

When it comes to the gap between males and females, researchers cited the Y chromosome for influencing the changes.

“The Y chromosome is associated with an increased risk of mortality and age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular and heart diseases, fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction,” the report explained. “Males lose this chromosome during their aging process while females keep it, allowing us to explain why these differences will continue to remain in the future, according to our projections.”

If larger slices of national populations age into their late 70s, 80s and 90s, as researchers predict, humanity will need to rapidly re-examine the picture of old age in societies away from sitting in rocking chairs being cared for, the Good News Network explained in its coverage.

“Renowned psychologist Gabor Mate has compared the phenomenon of a gerontocracy to the idea of ‘elders versus the elderly,'” the publication reported. “That’s especially true in traditional societies the old are still contributing and valued members of the community, who are consulted for their wisdom, but who can also still physically pull their weight.”

The good news is that if life expectancy is increasing, then seasoned citizens who maintain their physical fitness and mental agility will have even more opportunity to shape and influence the world around them.

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