Purpose coach spells out what the word means to her

“There is power when one has a sense of meaning, to pursue an aim in life. Purpose helps us on our life’s journey for it provides direction and guidance,” Diana Jaworski wrote for the Daily Sentinel.

Discovering and fulfilling your purpose sheds light on life’s journey in a way car headlights illuminate your path at night.

Diana encourages people to muster up the courage to live bravely every day because that’s how we begin to discover new ways to fulfill our “P.U.R.P.O.S.E.” She defined the word this way:

  • P — Pay attention to your passions.
  • U — Understand who you are.
  • R — Refer to your values.
  • P — Properly review past experiences.
  • O — Open yourself to new opportunities.
  • S — Spend time with people who inspire you.
  • E — Earnestly pursue your calling.

For a better explanation of Diana’s definition, check out the story at www.romesentinel.com.