People can find purpose by giving their time to help others

An article in The New York Times highlighted the impact people can have on others by simply giving their time to help them.

Although she was under 50, Shamma Goodrich made an important observation when she said she didn’t have any money, but still wanted to make a difference in her community.

So, she gave her time instead and started assisting with the Brooklyn Community Services’ shower bus that brings warm showers to people who don’t have regular access to them.

Frank DeSimone, 67, assists with the Next Generation Center, by supporting young adults who are aging out of the foster care system, have been arrested or experiencing homelessness.

After retiring from a career in banking, he started volunteering at the center where he helps students achieve their high school equivalency diplomas. He has also been teaching online classes, the New York Times noted.

When Edison Speck, 89, retired from his career in a data center, he started volunteering with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at Community Service Society.

For 26 years, he has served in a variety of roles, but mostly as a benefits counselor helping people at Jacobi Medical Center navigate through red tape to access public assistance programs.

Due to COVID, the program has suspended its in-person services, so Edison is taking a break as well because working over the phone was too much of a challenge for him.

“It’s work that I enjoy doing,” Mr. Speck told the paper. “I really think I benefit from it as much or more as the clients do.”

The full story can be found at The New York Times.