Motorcycle group finds purpose beyond riding

A group of men and women, many of whom are over 50, formed a motorcycle riding group called We Ride primarily to connect cycling enthusiasts who enjoy traveling together.

However, in recent years, the 20-member group has expanded its purpose to involve helping others, the Times and Democrat reported.

The group was founded in 2012 by Russell “Black Magic” Shuler, a 30-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and a retiree from the U.S. Postal Service.

According to the paper, the group’s first initiative was to partner with a nonprofit organization based in Orangeburg, S.C., and dedicated to helping formerly incarcerated women transition back into society. Group members helped with landscaping and other maintenance needs.

We Ride sponsored an Easter egg hunt and fish fry to help provide local children with school supplies. Members also serve 75 to 85 meals every Saturday at a community soup kitchen.

“We wanted to set a good example in our community as great citizens who ride motorcycles. Be great role models and let them see a group of well-mannered adults and know that we do good supportive things for and within the community,” Shuler told the Times and Democrat.

“The qualifications to become a member of our organization are to first and foremost believe in a higher power than ourselves,” he added.

We Ride shows it’s possible for a hobby to be transformed into a purpose by simply using the activity as a means to help others.

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To connect with We Ride, visit the group’s Facebook page.

Photo: We Ride motorcycle group in Orangeburg, S.C. – Photo from Facebook