Indiana city offers seniors as ‘Grandparents on Demand’

To attract new residents to Greensburg, Ind., the city halfway between Indianapolis and Cincinnati developed a unique incentive.

With the help of Tami Wenning, 57, and her husband, Dan, a new program offers to match volunteers with relocating families. Not only will volunteers provide free babysitting from time to time, the children will also have a fill-in grandpa and grandma on Grandparent’s Day at school.

Tami volunteered for the incentive program through her work as director of Decatur County Community Foundation. After opening their home to more than a dozen foreign exchange students in recent years, Tami told ABC she and her husband already love serving as grandparents to kids in their own family.

The relocation package also includes $5,000 in cash, invitations to home-cooked meals at neighbors’ homes, a one-year membership to the local co-working space and YMCA, free gift cards to the seasonal farmers market, and tickets to productions at the local playhouse, ABC reported.

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Seasoned citizens looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of children in their own neighborhoods, especially those living in single-parent homes, can consider serving as fill-in grandparents. Not only will parents appreciate the periodic breaks, the children will thrive with special attention.