Hobbies spark creativity in unexpected ways

Whether it’s gardening, painting, cooking or something else, carving out time for hobbies that make us feel like our unique selves is crucial for our well-being, Thrive Global reported.

Research conducted by the University of Reading in 2021 confirms that engaging in the hobbies we love can rejuvenate us and help us tap into our creativity.

In fact, the study shows that having a hobby is linked to lower levels of depression – and may even prevent depression for some people. Losing interest in things that were once enjoyable is a condition known as anhedonia. It can be an early sign of depression, the report explained.

Thrive Global asked its readers for examples of how hobbies helped fuel their passions while rejuvenating their spirits. Ten people shared their stories regarding activities from podcasting and shopping at farmer’s markets to singing and taking morning walks.

The full story of people’s experiences with hobbies can be found at Thrive Global.