Habits of people without purpose

As I read this article from HackSpirit, I was taken back to a time five years ago when my life truly had no meaningful purpose. Many of the habits listed in the article perfectly described my life at that time.

The author, Ava Sinclair, notes that all of us have auto-pilot days when we just seem to be living aimlessly and going through the motions. It’s true. Some days, we just lack energy and motivation to accomplish anything productive.

Those type of “down days” are beneficial for maintaining our sanity by providing a much needed break from the fast pace of life. We all need margin for rest and recreation. But, when a down day becomes a way of life, it can lead to a lifestyle of inactivity which is neither productive or healthy.

Ava identified 16 habits that are common to people who do not have a defined purpose for their lives. They sort of live in their own little worlds providing no value to others. Like I said, I’ve been there, done that, got the souvenir cup and T-shirt.

So, if any of these habits apply to you, perhaps it’s time to look critically at your life choices and seek help, if necessary, to return to a productive and impactful lifestyle. Please note, I am not advocating going back to work or getting a job. But, some of these habits are reflective of a life without purpose.

Some of the habits Ava identified include:

  1. They abuse the snooze button. This one isn’t a frequent problem for me, but I still don’t like to get up before 8 a.m. if I have a choice — and I have a business to run. But, when I lacked purpose, I didn’t bother with an alarm clock at all.
  2. They wear pajamas all day. I think it’s essential to get up and begin some type of morning routine just to signal your brain that you have something important to do today. In her article, Ava noted, “Wearing jammies all day, every day, can be a clue that someone isn’t setting boundaries between different parts of their day.” It’s true.
  3. Personal hygiene is not a must. Similar to the above, not taking a shower, brushing teeth and getting dressed are habits of very lazy people. You might not go anywhere today, but you, yourself, are worthy of the dignity of self-care.
  4. They go on streaming sprees. This was certainly my big problem when I lacked a purpose for my life. Watching television all day, every day is just a way to pass time. It helps nobody and accomplishes nothing. Ava explained, “These viewing marathons allow people to momentarily escape reality and live in another world where they can avoid confronting the more challenging task of setting and pursuing meaningful personal goals.”
  5. They don’t make it past Chapter 1. Ouch. This one applies to me in the best of days. There are so many books I have purchased with every intention of reading. Yet, after reading a chapter or two, I set it aside for a while, but never pick it up again. At least reading an entire book creates an accomplishment. And, depending upon the book you’re reading, you can even get smarter through the process.
  6. They don’t see projects through to completion. For these folks, projects are a means of distraction to give them something to do. Like a cluttered house often leads to a cluttered mind, having a bevy of half-finished projects means there is never any closure and, therefore, no sense of accomplishment.
  7. They are constantly adding to the online shopping cart. This gets expensive and often results in more clutter. Ava noted, “For someone who doesn’t have a clear direction in life, a shopping spree provides the illusion that they’re doing something.” Not only does researching a potential purchase give them something to do for a while, it also gives people without purpose something to look forward to when the delivery arrives. Both are unproductive in creating a truly meaningful life.
  8. They take lots of naps. This can point to a medical condition that needs to be addressed, but when people don’t have purpose, napping is a way to pass the time. Consider a lion in a cage. Why do lions always seem to be sleeping? Well, what else is there for them to do? Ava wrote, “Constantly napping to kill time and not because you’re tired may point to a larger need for purposeful and engaging activities.”

Those are my eight favorites among Ava’s list of 16 habits often displayed by people without purpose. Her full article can be found at www.hackspirit.com.

Not having a sense of purpose is an absolute horrible and depressing feeling. It’s also hard to get out of that unproductive cycle.

When I was struggling with a lack of purpose for my life, I was fortunate that a friend sensed I was having a problem. Vincent offered to chat and provided encouragement to use my nature talent, learned skills and unique life experiences to help other people over 50 to be more productive. That’s how Forward From 50 was born.

If you feel caught in a lifestyle of unproductive habits, I assure you your life still has meaning. There are people near you who can benefit from something you are uniquely qualified to provide. I am happy to have a chat to see how to transform your life without purpose into a life of meaning and legacy.

Go to the Forward From 50 contact page and send me a message today to get the ball rolling.