Author Christine McFarlane empowers women to discover their purpose

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Christine McFarlane, a New Zealand life coach who focuses on health and wellness, is a featured contributor to “Unstoppable! Volume 3: 25 Inspirational Stories From Women In Business Who Overcame Adversity To Create A Powerful Legacy.”

Christine’s transformative journey, chronicled in her chapter titled “The Resilience of the Female Spirit,” serves as a beacon of hope for women seeking to be free from old modes of thinking, practice increased self-love, and skyrocket self-purpose.

Christine embraced the opportunity to share her story in “Unstoppable Volume 3” as a chance to inspire and empower women worldwide.

“I love the idea of impacting a global audience of women from different cultures,” she explained. “There is so much more inside of me to share that will hopefully resonate and inspire.”

The book is an anthology of 25 stories of women in business. A best seller on Amazon, the book is described as “an odyssey that celebrates the indomitable spirit of women who have risen from the ashes of doubt, sorrow, and loss to stand tall in the light of their own greatness.”

In her chapter, Christine unfolds her journey from a crossroads in life to discovering a new path filled with resilience, strength and determination. Her mission is to reach out to women facing similar situations, offering strategies and habits to break free from negative thoughts and behaviors.

She will be launching life-changing programs this month to extend her impact beyond the anthology’s pages.

As a seasoned online professional in health and wellness for six years, Christine has a women’s life coaching business that guides women in shifting old programming with effective strategies, drawing from her personal experiences in creating a new life for her family.

In her chapter, Christine delivers a clear message that old patterns of thinking and behaving can be changed with a decision and consistent use of strategies to elevate not just one’s thinking but their entire world.

A tip she offers to women aspiring to become unstoppable is to recognize their purpose in life, make decisions aligned with their goals, and persevere in the pursuit of growth.

“You are the prize, and your life is the gift and light you get to share with the world,” said Christine.

To connect with Christine McFarlane and learn more about her life coaching services, visit her on Facebook where she uses the name, Herbalmama Christine McFarlane-Olsen.

SOURCE: The Queenie Effect Publishing press release