Former police officer Chris Hoyer describes his desire to prepare the Thin Blue Line in Episode 034

Today, I will be speaking with a former police officer who truly loved his job. But, after a tragic incident, his entire life changed.

In 2016, Chris Hoyer was caught in an ambush during which a fellow police officer was killed in the gunfight. That was the day Chris mentally checked out of law enforcement and simply started going through the motions for two years until he retired.

His marriage also came to an end and Chris relocated to San Diego in hopes of rebuilding his life. He also started writing a book about his experiences as a police officer.

But, through the process of sharing his memories, Chris discovered a renewed purpose for his life. His book became a training manual to help police officers and other people who must face, endure and overcome unfortunate life experiences.

Whether it is police officers, military members or other first responders who routinely put their lives on the line, Chris said there will come a day when they are faced with a difficult situation. From a mental health standpoint, they have a much better chance of coming through that experience if they prepare now for when that day comes.

So many people in those careers think they are all alone in contending with stress of the jobs and the aftermath of decisions they had to make in a split second.

After retiring months before his 50th birthday, Chris’ new purpose involves helping people prepare for the unexpected, and contending with the post-traumatic stress or survivor’s guilt that often follows.

Today, Chris believes he has an obligation to share his stories because he knows someone else will benefit from hearing them. By hearing about Chris’ struggles, others will realize they are not alone in carrying their burdens. As a result, people can find healing and transformation.

Chris is absolutely correct when he noted everyone has a story to tell, whether it goes into a book or not. But, when you write it down, the message remains forever. It is something your friends, family, grandkids and everyone else in the world can benefit from for years to come.

By speaking to people around the country, Chris is offering encouragement today, but also practical advice that will help others in the future. He is playing a part in shoring up the Thin Blue Line of brave people who protect everything precious about America.

People can connect with Chris by emailing him at His website is still under construction, but is available at

His book, “When That Day Comes: Training for the Fight” is available on Amazon as an ebook and audiobook.

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