Fifty Over 50 book highlights profiles of people passionately pursuing purpose

I released my newest book this week, and it’s designed to inspire people over 50 to realize it’s never too late for them to make a difference and enjoy a purposeful life.

Fifty Over 50 features short profiles of 50 men and women who embraced a new purpose later in life that culminated in their legacy for which they’ll be remembered for years to come. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Lynn Brooks simply wanted people to feel comfortable in New York City and enjoy visiting, so she created New York Greeters. The idea spread across the world.
  • For nearly a quarter century, Jim Butenschoen lived an unfulfilled corporate life until he went to beauty school at the age of 57. Today, he owns five salons.
  • Marcia Duhart grew tired of working as a corporate trainer, so she founded a company to help older people become more comfortable using technology.
  • When she was 70 years old, Lisa Gable had a problem with falling bra straps. So, she devised a simple solution and turned it into a $6 million company employing 30 people.
  • Carol Gardener was so depressed that her attorney told her to see a therapist or get a dog. She chose the latter and took pictures of her English bulldog wearing silly outfits. By writing cute captions to accompany the images, Carol sold 1 million greeting cards in six months.
  • When they were in their early 60s, John and Kathy Huggins wanted to go camping, but didn’t like sleeping on the ground. So, they bought an RV and shared lessons they learned the hard way with others. They wrote books, launched a website, started a podcast and created a Facebook group serving tens of thousands of people.

There is something about our culture today that wants to nudge people out the door or to the sidelines once they reach the half-century mark. But, that’s such a waste of the wisdom and experience they accumulated throughout their entire lives.

Many times, we abandoned things in our youth that really fired us up and gave us a sense of purpose just to embrace more practical jobs out of a sense of duty or necessity when raising a family. Often, that original passion still burns within us — even if it is just a smoldering wick.

Turning 50 is an ideal time to rekindle that fire!

So, if you’re at a stage in life where you wonder if you still have anything meaningful to contribute to the world, rest assured, each of the 50 men and women featured in Fifty Over 50 felt the same way. However, one day, an opportunity presented itself that seemed ideally suited for their unique skills, talent and life experiences.

Stepping out on faith to pursue that idea or smoldering desire made all the difference in their lives and to the lives of others. These go-getters found success or fulfillment by following their dreams even when the rest of the world was encouraging them to slow down and take it easy.

You were created for a specific purpose and instilled with unique traits to help you accomplish that purpose. The challenges that forged your character, the experiences that pushed you to embrace new opportunities, the people who came into and out of your life — everything you’ve endured so far — has prepared you for this moment.

May their stories inspire you to step out of your comfort zone to embrace the greatness hidden within you. Remember, you were designed for more!

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