92-year-old man becomes social media star for sharing recipes

For 36 years, “Pop” was involved in the banking industry. Today he is on his way toward becoming a social media superstar for his love of cooking.

An article published by The Epoch Times disclosed Pop had amassed 172,000 Instagram followers who watch videos of the seasoned citizen adding spice to his favorite recipes. The Cincinnati resident asked not to be identified by his full name.

His recipes include specialties like gluten-and-dairy-free cookies, tuna noodle casserole, sourdough naan bread, and more.

In addition to cooking, Pop kept active as a hospice volunteer and as a tour guide. After his wife of 58 year died, he moved in with his daughter and son-in-law, which opened the door to celebrity in 2023.

His daughter directed and produced the 100-plus videos which can be found Pop’s Happy Breakfast Instagram channel. He is also working on a 250-page book to share his words of wisdom for a simple life.

Each morning, Pop chooses to spend time in prayer. “I always give God my first moments,” he wrote in an Instagram post. He credits his faith and a cup of coffee in the morning for his motivation.

“I know I am close to the end zone, and I am not afraid,” he said. “God has blessed and been with me my entire life. I know He won’t leave me now.”

The full story about Pop’s rise to stardom can be found at The Epoch Times.