92-year-old finds purpose in carving bowls for charities

When 92-year-old Robert Gaines escapes to his garage almost daily, he does so to turn discarded wood into new bowls.

In other words, he finds purpose by repurposing wood others would consider to be junk. Doing so re-energizes him, The Burg reported.

A salesman by trade, he retired 30 years ago and now loves turning rough logs into beautiful bows, vases and candlestick holders, the paper noted.

Hundreds of items sit on tables, counters and bookshelves in every room of their home near Harrisburg, Pa.

“The question is, when does a hobby stop becoming a hobby and become an obsession?” Gail Gaines, Robert’s wife of 55 years, told The Burg.

Although Robert would agree it’s an obsession, his hobby really does have purpose. He gives away his created treasures to others as gifts and, especially, as prizes for local fundraisers. He also plans to give away a huge part of his collection to a local school and community center.

The full story is available at www.theburgnews.com.

PHOTO: Wood-turner Robert Gaines – Photo appeared in The Burg News