Yes, it’s possible to achieve a happy, purposeful retirement

Having a reason for living is a cross-cultural human experience that must be addressed because for those who’ve found purpose in life, happiness follows suit, North Coast Rising Sun reported.

Research conducted by Psychosomatic Medicine and published in the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, discovered possessing a high sense of purpose in life is associated with a reduced risk for mortality and cardiovascular events. People with increased physical and mental well-being enjoy a much more contented existence without ongoing pain, stress and worry.

The paper suggested five ways that deliver proven results along those lines, including:

  • Managing finances
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Joining a community group or volunteering
  • Working part-time on something that brings joy
  • Trying new hobbies or traveling

“Where one’s purpose in life used to be earning a living, raising kids and then caring for elderly parents, suddenly one’s purpose disappears,” said Phil Barker, with Renishaw Property Developments. “However, when retirees have found their sense of purpose, everything about them is completely different.”

The full story can be found at North Coast Rising Sun.