Women find purpose wrapping up projects for deceased crafters

Jen Simonic and her business partner, Masey Kaplan, have found special purpose for their lives by helping to complete projects left unfinished by crafters before they died.

Called Loose Ends, their passion started when friends would often ask them to finish blankets, sweaters, or other projects left undone by deceased loved ones, according to NBC.

Since its inception in September 2022, Loose Ends has amassed 7,000 volunteer “finishers” from every state and dozens of foreign countries. The organization will match finishers to projects of any fiber arts handwork craft, including knitting, crochet, rug hooking, embroidery, cross stitch and quilting.

“It’s a great way to help a loved one get through a grieving process,” Jen told NBC.

“Handmade items are gestures of love. The time, expense, and skill that go into making them are impossible to quantify,” Masey explained. “When you wear something made especially for you, it feels good — the recipient of a handmade gift is thoughtfully considered with each stitch.

“When a maker dies mid-project, this tangible, handmade expression of love could get lost, donated, or thrown out,” she added. “Loose Ends volunteers’ goals are to finish these projects as intended and give them back to be used and cherished.”

Anyone can submit a project or sign up to become a finisher by visiting www.looseendsproject.org. The organization charges nothing for the service.

However, the group has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money to cover shipping, website costs and other general expenses.

Here is a segment aired recently by NBC News about Loose Ends: