Woman brightens Wyoming town with personalized snowmen

Pauline Parker has a knack for making people smile, especially in winter when cloudy days and post-holiday doldrums can zap a person’s joy.

She created a personalized snowman, some as large as 27 feet tall, for each of the 142 houses in the tiny town of Burlington, Wy., population 314. In fact, she made a personalized snowman for every person living in that house.

It’s a project she started in July, and has even crafted snowmen for neighboring communities, too, KTVQ-TV reported.

Pauline’s passion for spreading joy made her small town even more tight-knit, the station noted. She got students from kindergarten to seniors at the school involved in painting decorations for the town’s second annual holiday celebration.

Not only does Pauline’s gesture give her a sense of purpose, the gifts deliver joy to an entire community.

She even created a scavenger hunt by putting special messages on the snowmen for others to find. In that way, she’s connecting neighbors in a fun and memorable way.

Photos of some of the snowmen Pauline created can be found on the KTVQ website.

Pauline’s photo appeared on the KTVQ website.