Texas grandmothers, ‘The Knit Wits,’ create dolls, clothing for needy kids

I love creative names for businesses and organizations. A group of Texas grandmothers, who call themselves The Knit Wits, have found purpose in knitting tiny hats for infants in hospital ICU wards.

“When I moved here, I told my daughter, who is a pediatric cardiologist, ‘I have no purpose. I’m not doing anything that’s important,'” Mary Stover told NBC Dallas. “And she got me hooked up with this lady to make these hats, and that was important to me.”

Started in 2001, the group is comprised of women who all live in the Edgemere senior living complex near Dallas. Together, the spirited seasoned citizens knit 20 hats every two weeks.

One of the members, Peg Brown, designs a special pattern which coincides with the current season. Then the other members get to work producing them.

But, the women don’t limit their creative abilities to tiny hats. They have also knitted scarves, sweaters and cuddly dolls for orphanages overseas, and even created helmet liners for troops stationed overseas.

The full story can be found at www.msn.com, or can be viewed at NBC News Dallas.