Six Missouri sisters believe they are the world’s longest-living siblings

Six sisters originally from Missouri who have a combined age of 570 years, have submitted a video to Guinness World Records in hopes of being proclaimed the longest-living six siblings in the world.

Five of the Overall sisters still live near Farmington, Mo., while 101-year-old Norma Jacob lives in Ohio, the Daily Mail reported. The other sisters include Lorene Kollmeyer, 98; Maxine Cole, 97; Doris Hawkins, 93; Margaret Norton, 90; and the baby of the bunch, Elma Jennings, 88.

The had a brother, Stanley Overall, who died while riding a bike when he was 81 years old. He would have been 102 today, the paper explained.

To mark the occasion, the women wore numbered T-shirts to distinguish the progression of ages.

According to Guinness, 13 Dutch siblings broke the world record in 2023 with a combined age of 1,116.

The Beers siblings from the Netherlands, with six girls and nine boys, surpassed the previous family who had a combined age of 1,075, the Daily Mail reported.

St. Louis TV station KMOV covered the news with this video report: