Phyllis Jenkins describes her ‘God assignment’ and how it inspires others in Podcast 021

Today’s interview was one of my favorites because it impacted me as much as I hope it impacts you.

Phyllis Jenkins was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening pulmonary embolism in 2008 when she was 52 years old. With blood clots in both of her lungs, the experience was a wakeup call for the Plano, Texas, woman.

She remembers a doctor coming into her room to explain she was lucky to be alive because the patient in the next room was not going to make it. Phyllis left the hospital five days later thanking God for saving her, but asking Him this question: ‘You took the other woman, but left me here. What more do you have for me to do during my time on earth?”

For two years, Phyllis searched for signs as to what her “God assignment,” as she likes to call it, may look like. Then she realized she had been looking for her purpose in the wrong place. She had always looked outward for that purpose when, in fact, it was there inside her all along.

Phyllis had been an encourager all her life to people around her. She also loved to write as much as she loved to read, especially stories about people who had overcome obstacles.

Phyllis launched the Powerful Journey organization to help people, primarily women, turn their life challenges into life-changing messages of hope, inspiration and encouragement. After coming through their ordeal, now they could thrive by helping people through similar situations.

When others hear about those struggles, they realize they are not alone and there is someone who understands what they’re experiencing, and can help them navigate through the turbulence.

When Phyllis described receiving a “God assignment” with a specific mission that took into account her natural skills, learned talents and various life experiences, I was convicted, too.

Let’s face it, I had been dabbling with Forward From 50 since I started this platform in 2021. Here we are, coming up on our second anniversary in a few months, and there is still a lot of work left to do to help people identify and pursue purpose for their lives after turning 50. Phyllis helped me realize that God had given me an assignment, too, and that I really needed to treat it as such, rather than a part-time hobby.

As soon as Phyllis discovered that new purpose for her life, she moved right into it. Although she had been engaged in a lot of good and productive activities, they did not pertain to her assignment. So, she pushed them aside to spend time focusing on her new mission. That was a valuable teaching moment for me, as well.

For two years, Phyllis kept asking God for more details of the assignment. As soon as she would complete one step, she’d be given another. That could have been to protect her from being overwhelmed by the enormity of her mission, or seeing her ultimate destination and allowing fear to derail her. Once we are given a God assignment, it is essential that we step out of our comfort zone to embrace it.

Knowing what to do, but not acting on it, does not bring any joy – only regret. It gets worse when you realize what you’ve been assigned to do can help so many other people. It’s selfish to sit back and watch the world unfold when you’ve been invited to be an active participant in the game of life.

Once Phyllis understood what her assignment was, she did not seek confirmation from anyone else. She had heard from God and that was all the permission she needed to move forward.

Today, Phyllis has put on several Powerful Journey conferences for women. They have empowered hundreds of women to share their stories of struggle and overcoming with other people who are enduring those same circumstances.

Phyllis tells her clients they should not take their stories to the grave. Rather, they should take their stories to the stage to be a source of light and encouragement themselves.

Yet, she couldn’t really teach others to share their stories without writing a book of her own. In fact, Phyllis published seven books, all of which are available on She also launched a Powerful Journey Authors Academy, which is a 10-month program to guide aspiring writers through the steps to publish and market a successful book.

Phyllis hosts an online community designed exclusively for women to give them resources and encouragement as well as to surround them with like-minded people on a similar journey. Her 12 Week Action Plan guides participants to set achievable and measurable personal goals as well as develop the habits and skills needed to achieve them.

During our interview, Phyllis said, “I strongly encourage people over 50 to adopt a mindset that their latter days will be their better days. Don’t just think that you’re done when you reach a certain age. Don’t be afraid to dream new dreams or to ask God to reveal new visions and goals for your life.”

In her weekly PowerLift Stories podcast, Phyllis interviews courageous women who have turned pain into passion, tragedies into triumphs and scars into stars. Their stories leave listeners lifted-up, fired-up and fueled-up with hope, courage and inspiration.

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That’s all for this week’s show. Next week, I’ll have another interview to help you move Forward From 50. Thanks for listening!