In Episode 049, Joseph Rorick talks about starting a new life in Kenya

Today, I am interviewing a man who is starting a new life in his 50s where he is hoping to launch a mission to serve his family in Kenya.

Joseph Rorick had been married for 21 years before his wife died and his entire life flipped upside down.

A truck driver by trade, Joseph lives near Detroit. He uses the job to help support his second wife and three daughters who live in Kenya. They are the highlight of his life today. In fact, he refers to them as the four Malkias, which means four queens.

Joseph feels called to ministry in Kenya, so he is working to develop income streams that would help finance his mission and support his family.

He met his wife online almost by accident. When he flew to Kenya for the first time to meet her in person, it was in the middle of the COVID problem and all sorts of spiritual warfare attempted to interfere with the visit. But, in the end, Joseph fell in love with the woman who had two daughters already, and they had a third together.

At the moment, it is easier for Joseph to work as a truck driver in America, which gives him lots more money to share with his family in Kenya. But, his heart is for the people of Kenya and he really wants to get there to minister to them. Two churches in Kenya have already expressed a desire to work with him on a full-time basis.

In the meantime, Joseph is sharpening his language skills and learning all he can about creating independent recurring income streams to meet the needs of his family and support the ministries.

He already set up a Shopify site at to sell health-and-fitness equipment as well as clothing items, like bombardier jackets. Joseph also published a book under his pen name, Jason William Alexander. Titled “Faith Hope Love: A Journey To Find Truth,” he described it as a riveting story of a boy, who lost all hope and desire for truth, when in his darkest moments was given a second chance at life.

I love that Joseph feels called to abandon everything he is used to in America in order to serve his family and the people of Kenya. That’s what Forward From 50 is all about, helping people to enjoy strong second halves to their lives, and Joseph is showing how it’s done.

People can connect with Joseph by email at as well as on Facebook. I wish him the best of luck as he passionately pursues this new purpose for his life.

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