In Episode 038, Brenda Haire found fulfillment from obedience to God

Today I am speaking with a woman from Texas who worked several jobs before pursuing her writing dreams and teaching other people how to write their own books.

Brenda Haire knew decades ago that she wanted to be a writer. But, that was back in the day when people had to convince publishers to give them a chance to share their wisdom or story with the rest of the world. When a traditional publisher brazenly told Brenda she was a nobody, it hurt, but did not dissuade her from pursuing her dream.

Instead, she spent 15 years learning how to publish her own writing. Through the process of learning the ropes, Brenda became the president of the company that published her first book. A short-time later, she started her own company to help people publish their work, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Brenda’s approach to self-publishing is that it opens the door for anyone to write and produce a book. However, there remains a right way to do so in order for self-published authors to ensure their books can stand next to any traditionally-published books in bookstores without readers noticing a difference.

Brenda just turned 50 this year, but she is already flourishing by doing what she does best, sharing stories and helping people to overcome their fear of rejection, move out of their comfort zone and walk into their legacy.

Her first book, “Save the Butter Tubs!: Discover Your Worth in a Disposable World” walks readers through a process to trash the lies they have been told and instead to treasure the truths God put on their hearts. Brenda wants people to live lives that are fully alive.

In fact, she’s following her own advice. After falling in love with prophetic dance, she wrote a book called “A Moved Soul” to introduce people ways in which they can truly encounter God by holding tightly to what he calls them to do.

Today, Brenda just isn’t just sharing her stories, she is writing in multiple genres including Christian non-fiction, reference books for authors, as well as business reference books in the area of human resources. She’s also venturing into fiction writing. With an ever-growing list of 80 book ideas, it’s unlikely Brenda will run out of material to write about any time soon.

The biggest lesson Brenda learned through the process of developing her own company was submission. She had to submit herself to a discipline of prioritizing her time, and actually sit down at a keyboard to get words out of her mind onto her computer where they could be transformed into a book.

It also required her to submit to God’s will. Brenda wanted to get a “safe” job as a professor of communication because it offered good pay, stable hours and fringe benefits, like a retirement plan. When she became sick with Lyme disease, it became apparent to her that God was serious about Brenda needing to venture out on her own as a writer.

Brenda also realized that once she was given an assignment from God, she did not need a backup plan. Because it was God’s plan for her life, and she was obedient in going in that direction, Brenda has enjoyed a successful career in her 50s that leaves her fulfilled. I think that’s a lesson all of us can apply to our lives.

If you have a book idea, but don’t know how to start or need a plan for making it happen, Brenda wrote two books that can help you get started in the right direction. They are “I’ve Been Told I Should Write a Book: Answers to Clarify an Author’s Vision” as well as her newly-released workbook “The Book Writing Process: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book that Sells.”

All of Brenda’s books are available on Amazon and other bookstores.

Brenda offers coaching services and other tools at her website, which can be found at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

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