In Episode 036, Kelly Mack McCoy describes how he gave up driving trucks to become a writer

Kelly Mack McCoy grew up in a very dysfunctional family. He described his father as a fall-down drunk for 25 years, and his mother was in an out of mental institutions. As a result, Kelly and his siblings pretty much raised themselves.

As a young adult, Kelly saw truck driving as a way of escaping the horrible situation. It enabled him to be alone much of the time. He also loved to read and would visit bookstores wherever he traveled. In doing so, he began to critique authors and their writing style.

When Kelly was in his 50s, the trucking company he worked for went bankrupt. Rather than be disappointed, he decided it was a good time to take his writing seriously. It was a dream Kelly harbored in his heart since childhood.

Whether he intended to do so or not, the steps Kelly took to become a writer were exactly the right steps anyone should take whenever venturing out to try something new.

First, Kelly started hanging around with others who already had the skill he aspired to have himself. He would practice his writing and allow experienced writers to critique his manuscripts to offer suggestions which could make it even better.

He looked for writing jobs on websites, like Upwork. Kelly engaged in ghostwriting, a process in which people paid him to write things on their behalf. He also started editing material produced by others. Good writing is really a rewriting process, Kelly explained. To make something good, it has to be rewritten, and often several times.

By networking with others in the writing and publishing field, he found even more writing opportunities. Although his clients received credit for whatever was written, Kelly got more writing experience while he made a good income.

He eventually hooked up with another writer to collaborate on a book project. Although the two men realized their writing styles were vastly different from each other, Kelly continued with the idea after the death of his mentor.

Kelly’s experience in publishing his first book, “Rough Way to the High Way,” opened the door to writing another one titled “The Sojourner’s Road Home: A 40-Day Journey to the Heart of God.”

His experience shows it is possible for people over 50 to pursue their dreams, learn new skills and make a difference in the lives of others. Kelly understands many people over 50 still have family responsibilities or a job which requires their full attention. Yet, even if they have a vague idea about what they want to do with the rest of their lives, they should take a baby step toward that vision.

Kelly said there are all kinds of opportunities available out there. Just find people who are already doing what you want to do and connect with them.

To connect with Kelly, visit Because great stories need to be told, Kelly is willing to coach anyone who is interested in writing and publishing their own stories.

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