Forward From 50 featured on USA Global TV

I had a wonderful interview yesterday with Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck, the founder of the USA Global TV Network and co-host of the Loving Longevity show along with Annie Bush.

The three of us spent nearly 50 minutes talking about why purpose matters so much in helping seasoned citizens to live longer, happier, more productive lives. Jacalyn and Annie asked a lot of excellent questions which resulted in a dynamic discussion.

We also explored why retirement is an especially difficult period for men, which often results in their early demise.

We also talked about Fifty Over 50 and some of the real-life profiles featured in it, as well as in the pages of Forward From 50, of men and women actively pursuing purpose in the second half of their lives.

You can check out the video on theĀ Loving Longevity YouTube channel.