Episode 014 – Faye Bryant helps others by sharing their stories

A former postal worker, Faye Bryant also worked as a bookkeeper and for a publishing agency, but it was her love for writing that really allowed her to spread her wings after turning 50.

Faye loves to tell stories and she wanted to convey her life story and those of her mother and grandmother. However, she thought they were needlessly dry and uninspiring – simply a recitation of facts in chronological order. It was boring, so Faye opted to transform the stories into novels.

While based on reality, the stories are more compelling because of her use of descriptive words and dialogue to give each person’s story a flavor of adventure and intrigue. Writing it that way also allowed Faye to highlight a common thread to show the lives of three different women and how their individual experiences intertwined to shape the lives of others.

For some reason, people often find her stories to be inspirational for their own lives because they can identify themselves as characters in one of her books. Not only do readers understand they’re not the only people who had to deal with some difficult situations, but they can also see it’s possible to enjoy life despite those kinds of things happening to them, Faye explained.

Since finishing her book series, Faye is also working on several other books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Today, she is also serving as a coach to help other people discover their purpose and help them realize where their real passions are and what they want to do going forward.

Faye noted there is a place in your heart that is calling you to do something very specific. Many times it nudges people in a certain direction as children or teenagers. Yet, there is still time to pursue that by contemplating what that dream from years ago would look like in your life if you embraced it today.

When Faye was a teenager, she wanted to be a psychologist, but that was rather vague and ominous, so she went in a different direction. But, she now realizes the underlying reason for wanting to becoming a psychologist was to help people discover themselves based on how they think and feel. Today, she derives a great deal of pleasure helping people to have breakthrough moments in their lives.

As a coach, Faye offers three types of services. They are recovery coaching, purpose coaching and focus coaching:

  • Recovery coaching is where Faye helps people understand their need to feel, deal and heal with things that happened to them by looking back on key events in their lives to see what happened and what caused it.
  • Purpose coaching helps people discover what makes them tick and breathes life into their spirit.
  • Focus coaching guides people to navigate around considerable distractions in their lives in order to move forward with what they want to do, but with a clearer focus and better understanding of how to get there.

When they discover their God-given purpose and how to live in it, they can look at their past with renewed vision to employ new confidence and greater ability to redeem it by creating a divine mission for their lives today.

To connect with Faye and learn more about her coaching services, visit www.fayebryant.com. Her books are available on Amazon.com.

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Next week, I’ll be speaking with a man who knows first-hand that it’s possible to find love again after turning 50. After several failed relationships earlier in his life, he had given up on finding someone who shared his passions and enthusiasm for life – and he found his new wife on a hiking trailing of all places. I’ll have that interview on the next episode of the Passionate Purpose podcast. Thanks for listening. If you like this show, please consider leaving a review wherever you download the episodes.