Dave Jenkins describes the life-changing aspect of coaching in Episode 064

Dave Jenkins grew up in relative poverty in a neighborhood plagued by crime, drugs and a lack of education as well as positive role models. Yet, he was an early adapter to technology.

Dave learned to program big, room-size computers. Today, he still works in information technology, but as a salesman selling cybersecurity and voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) software products.

When Dave turned 50, he started shifting into coaching. He saw it as a way to hone his own skills to help others uncover things within them or to pursue things they felt were out of their reach.

Dave specializes in two areas of coaching. The first is marriage and relationships, and he has a 46-year relationship with his wife to back-up his authority in that area.

The second area is personal development and helping people grow or advance to the next level in whatever they want to do. Dave notes that all the real superstars in sports as well as in life have become great simply because they had strong coaches to point out blind spots and to fine-tune their natural talent.

Many people have million-dollar ideas, but are too afraid to step out and pursue them. So, Dave helps them develop a pathway to take those first steps toward achieving their dreams.

Dave recently completed his first book titled, “Hello, Purpose!,” which is a 21-day journal people can complete to help them uncover more purpose for their lives.

I was inspired by Dave’s work as a coach. He’s right, in order to get better at anything, even life, you need a personal coach.

We can often get distracted by our lack of understanding as to who we are and what we were created to do. A good coach, like Dave, can help people see through the fog to discover opportunities ideally suited to their natural talents, learned skills and unique life experiences.

I liked Dave’s explanation that we often experience different wake-up calls during our lives. The five-minute wake-up call is something that happens to you the first time which opens your eyes. The two-minute wake-up call is something that has occurred a second time.

Dave said if it happens again, then you better start getting serious about whatever God has put in your mind or on your heart.

Purpose is something that is uncovered, not discovered. It is often always there. Dave said finding purpose requires you to remove things that are preventing you from getting started, and removing obstacles that prevent you from advancing in that direction.

A coach also helps peel back layers of doubt and uncertainty to get to the heart of what’s holding someone back. Once the foundation of purpose is set, then they need to build a framework for living it out.

Dave mentioned the importance of having the right friends by your side who encourage you to step into your purpose rather than discourage you from getting started. After all, if you succeed, it may make them feel uncomfortable and force them to address their own limitations.

A good coach is not necessarily the sage or expert. Rather, he or she is a good listener who asks good questions to challenge people to think outside the box and overcome any limitations they put on themselves.

I can see why Dave is such a good coach. He’s a great listener and he has keen insight as well. He can apply both of those skills to helping you discover a greater purpose for your life, or advancing your marriage and other relationships, too.

Dave offers a free webinar from time-to-time to help people identify the power of purpose and how it can change their lives. You can learn more information and connect with Dave by visiting www.davejenkinscoaching.com. His book “Hello Purpose!” is available on Amazon and in other bookstores.

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