Couple bikes 5,000 miles in 55 days to fight cancer

Al Reszel, 63, and his wife, Terry, began a 5,000-mile bicycle trip in San Diego March 5 and they will travel through 16 states over 55 days before reaching their final destination at the global headquarters of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York, WPDE-TV reported.

“My wife is a 11-year breast cancer survivor. And after her diagnosis we decided we wanted to do something to help with breast cancer. And there is a lot of good organizations, but we wanted to help work on finding a cure,” he explained. “So, we hooked up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation out of Manhattan.”

Since 2016, Al and Terry Reszel have traveled 12,000 miles and raised more than $32,000 dollars for breast cancer research, the station noted.

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