Businesses retain employees with paychecks and purpose

At a time when global talent shortages are reported at a 15-year high, one key to keeping the best employees happy and onboard may lie in how well companies not only state their purpose and their values, but also prioritize carrying them out, Global Trade Magazine reported.

“Employees want more than just a paycheck, although that’s important, too,” said Maggie Z. Miller, co-author of Magnify Your Impact: Powering Profit with Purpose.. “They want to feel there’s some greater legacy to what they do each day and as a result they are drawn to companies that practice purpose alongside their profit.”

The article notes 70% if employees surveyed said they would leave a job for a more fulfilling opportunity — and even consider lower pay to find more on-the-job fulfillment.

In addition, employer review website Glassdoor found that nearly 80% of adults would consider a company’s mission and purpose before applying for a job.

“Strong organizational values help cultivate fulfillment, where employees become active participants in, and ambassadors of, a company’s purpose,” Miller explained.

The full story can be found at Global Trade Magazine.