British woman celebrates her 90th birthday by skydiving with grandkids

When you get to be 90, you’ve usually received everything you’ve ever wanted or needed. That makes finding meaningful gifts a challenge for family members.

A resident of London, Hilary Oxley received a very memorable twice-in-a-lifetime gift from her granddaughters, Stephanie Russell, 41, and Daisy Higgs, 29. You see, Hilary’s family paid for her to go skydiving for the first time a decade ago when she turned 80, the London Mirror reported.

This time, Hilary’s granddaughters joined her on the tandem jumps where they were secured to an experienced skydiver. All the women had to do was enjoy the ride and marvel at the birds-eye view from 12,000 feet in the air — more than 2.3 miles above the ground.

Remarkably, it was Hilary who led the group by being the first to jump from the aircraft.

“Hilary was great fun and very relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It’s a great achievement for a 90-year-old but not the oldest we’ve ever had. We had a 95-year-old lady jump earlier this year,” Jane Buckle, the managing director of Skydive Headcorn told the Mirror.

For Hilary’s two granddaughters, who paid for the experience, it would be a moment they’d remember the rest of their lives, too.

“It’s amazing for me and my sister to share that memory with my nan. She’s incredible,” Stephanie explained.

Not surprisingly, Hilary did not rule out making another dive in recognition of her 95th birthday.

Photo by Chelsea Tooley with Skydive Headcorn