After being laid off, man starts nationwide movement to mow lawns for vulnerable people for free

When Brian Schwarz lost his job as a digital advertiser at the start of the COVID madness, he began mowing lawns for seasoned citizens, disabled people, veterans and under-resourced individuals.

Little did he know that his generosity would spawn a nationwide effort that involves 500 volunteers in 46 states. His company has been featured on in foreign news reports, too.

Brian named his company I Want To Mow Your Lawn and he set up a website to connect volunteers who need lawn care services. He refers to his company as an Uber for landscaping volunteers.

However, the company’s services extend beyond mowing lawns. Volunteers also remove snow and ice, as well as rake leaves.

“Whether there was a virus or not, people still needed their lawns mowed, and if they were unable to do it themselves, they needed someone else to do it for them,” Brian explained. “That’s where our service comes in.”

His company’s centralized website platform makes it easy and comfortable for clients and volunteers to connect with each other. Clients in need, their families, or caretakers can book local helpers through I Want To Mow Your Lawn’s proprietary zip code search function or leave the company a voicemail.

Volunteers can share their own profiles, manage jobs, upload photos of completed work, and log hours directly in a customized dashboard, all in a safe and secure setting, according to the company’s website.

“There’s something incredibly fulfilling about helping out and doing something tangible that people need done but can’t quite do themselves,” said Brian. “Something as simple as freshly-mowed grass can have a positive impact on everyone’s well-being.

“People are so appreciative of our service because it’s free, straightforward, and comes with no strings attached or hidden costs,” he added. “We come, we mow and go, making an immediate difference that people can see and appreciate.”

While Brian may not yet be 50, his story shows how anyone can find purpose for their lives by simply seeking ways to serve others.

Mowing lawns, raking leaves and shoveling snow is something many people over 50 can do for others. Seasoned citizens who would like to donate their services to I Want To Mow Your Lawn, can connect with the organization at