100-year-old woman makes dresses for little girls around the world

Many people have heard of Operation Christmas Child. It’s a worldwide ministry by Samaritan’s Purse for which people stuff toys and other gift items into shoeboxes for distribution to needy children around the world.

For most people, participating in the annual charity requires a quick trip to the store and a few minutes to assemble the shoebox before dropping it off at a collection center.

But, for one Michigan-resident, her dedication to serving children is a year-long passion.

Her name is Eva and she’s 100 years old. Operation Christmas Child did not provide Eva’s last name, but she’s been warming hearts of little girls around the globe for years.

She starts her day somewhere between 3 and 4 a.m., and creates up to three dresses a day for shipment to young girls she won’t meet until they’re both in heaven. For Eva, sewing dresses is one way of sharing the gospel with others, and bringing tremendous joy to little girls who want to be beautiful.

“I can’t get up on a platform and give a message — that isn’t my work. The Lord has given me hands with no arthritis, so I do a lot of sewing — I’ve been given a talent and I make use of it.” Eva said.

Eva described her mother as a “very good seamstress,” and credits mom for teaching her to love sewing. It’s a hobby Eva has enjoyed for many years. After her husband died in 1952, Eva made clothing for herself and her daughters as a single parent while supporting the family as a police officer and grocery store clerk.

Although she has no idea who will receive the dresses she makes, Eva prays a blessing over each one after it has been completed.

The full story of Eva’s mission can be found at www.samaritanspurse.com. To listen to Eva’s inspirational message, check out this video: