100 minor adjustments you can make to improve your life

Every year people make resolutions to kick off the new year. Most of the time, they focus on big changes they would like to make.

An article in The Guardian reminded me that change doesn’t have to be big to impact our lives.

Titled “100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying,” the story offers many ways in which small, seemingly inconsequential changes that can compound over time to yield big results. Keep in mind that it’s a British newspaper, so some of the language may sound different.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Bring fruit to work. That works to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep a bird feeder by a window. I started tossing old bread to birds outside my home. Not only does it provide comedic relief, it helps control waste.
  • Set aside 10 minutes a day to do something you really enjoy. It’s surprising how much crap you can endure if you have something to look forward to each day.
  • If possible, take the stairs. I’d add park a short distance a store’s entrance. The extra steps help you keep fit.
  • Connect with nature. Author John Eldredge says a walk in the woods or any type of natural environment works to bring equilibrium to our lives. We are often overstimulated and don’t take time for things that nourish us.
  • Don’t have Twitter on your phone. I’d expand that to ALL social media apps. They are sewers of negativity and too easy to access from a phone.
  • Call an old friend out of the blue. My youngest daughter loves to send handwritten notes to people. Receiving personalized mail occurs so infrequently, the messages really stand out.
  • Thank a teacher who changed your life. I’d say that applies to just about anyone as well.
  • Keep a book in your bag to avoid the temptation to doomscroll, which is the process of scrolling through a news feed to take in one negative story after another.

Just following a handful of these suggestions can do wonders for bringing joy back into your life, or reducing stress that has managed to creep in.

The full list of 100 items can be found at The Guardian.