Preacher celebrates 98th birthday with a skydiving experience

Roy Jernigan, a 98-year-old preacher and evangelist from North Carolina, fulfilled a dream when he completed a skydiving jump to commemorate his birthday.

He acted on a suggestion by his granddaughter, April Lintler, that he should do something he had never done before, WRAL-TV reported.

Although he readily admits to “being crazy,” Roy doesn’t regret the thrilling experience.

“If God blesses you and gives you the number of years that he’s given me, burn out your life living for others. You’ll never regret it,” Roy explained.

“Fear is a lack of faith. That’s what the Bible says,” he added. “If you have fear, you don’t have faith.”

A video of Ray completing the tandem jump with an experienced skydiver, was posted to Facebook. He enjoyed the experience so much that he’s planning a repeat performance for his 100th birthday.

WRAL TV aired an interview with Roy a few days before he made the jump. In the video, Ray shares his formula for longevity involves “The good Lord and black coffee — in that order.”

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