Ikigai: The Japanese art of finding purpose in life

What happens when you no longer find meaning in things that worked to motivate you in the past? Then you need to find your Ikigai, a Japanese concept that centers around what you live to be, do and experience.

According to the Good Men Project, Ikigai is associated with long life expectancy because it involves four key principles:

  • What you love.
  • What the world needs.
  • What you are good at doing.
  • What you can be paid to do — and that currency isn’t just cash, but whatever makes life worth living.

In a nutshell, Ikigai encompasses the idea of a fulfilling life without material things like money and luxury. When you find your Ikigai, you have a greater chance of living a meaningful life, the article noted.

At times, we find life meaningless. We can’t help but struggle with the existential question of why we are alive. In fact, you might have had a brief moment of living a life with no purpose.

Once you find your Ikigai, it may not only help you to express yourself freely and find more meaning to your existence but also help you take a more positive approach towards life.

To learn why this is important and how to find your Ikigai, read the article at www.goodmenproject.com.