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Welcome to Forward From 50!

Forward From 50 is a website and online community designed specifically for men and women over the age of 50 to help them live more purposeful lives by pursuing things they are truly passionate about doing.

It was founded in 2021 by Greg Gerber, a former journalist who struggled with identifying a passionate purpose for his life after shutting down his 10-year-old business in 2019. You can read about Greg’s story on our About Us page.

Perhaps you experienced a major life change, such as a divorce or sudden job loss, and you’re wondering what to do next. Maybe you are at the pinnacle of your career, but still feel empty as though you are called to do more. Or you’ve had an idea for a long time that keeps smoldering inside you and you’re finally ready to take the first step necessary to make it a reality.

You’re at the right place. Forward From 50 will help you identify your purpose and take the right steps to embark on that journey. Here are some of the things you’ll discover in our community.

Below are the most-popular features of Forward From 50.

Features & Resources

Inspirational features

We’ve interviewed dozens of people we affectionately call “go-getters” who have backgrounds similar to yours. They stepped out on faith to try something completely different than what they did before turning 50. Some run businesses, have jobs or volunteer. Yet they’re united in their desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Timely news and insight

Our news and insight pages compile information from a variety of sources, such as blogs, videos, research, articles and special reports. All the content is designed to inspire you with new ideas and help you enjoy a more purposeful, joyful and spiritually-abundant life.


Need a nudge to get you on track? Are you struggling with identifying a purpose for your life or narrowing down a bunch of options for you to pursue? Then, schedule a complimentary 20-minute chat with Forward From 50 founder Greg Gerber to see if we can get you moving in the right direction.

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We know you’re busy — even if you are retired — so we produce a weekly newsletter providing snippets from our most recent stories. Subscribe to our Moving Forward newsletter and receive a complimentary copy of Restore Joy to Your Life: 28 Suggestions for Renewing Your Mind.

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Insightful stories

Greg Gerber interviews some real go-getters from all walks of life. Yet they have one thing in common. They changed the direction of their lives after turning 50 and now passionately pursue a renewed sense of purpose that brings joy, satisfaction and fulfillment to their lives — and often impacts others.

Facebook Group

Hang around some enthusiastic dreamers already pursuing a new direction for their lives. Let them inspire you to take the next steps. Introduce yourself or pose a question and allow other people over 50 to provide answers or offer advice. It’s like being part of a mastermind of seasoned citizens.