Coaching services

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Personalized one-to-one coaching

With this service, you’ll get an hour of undivided attention to address whatever you’re trying to overcome, whether it is:

  • Identifying a purpose
  • Deciding between multiple options
  • Creating an action plan
  • Clarity on your direction
  • Starting a business or online platform

We will meet via Zoom at a time that is mutually convenient. I’ll record the call and give you a copy so that you can reference it again later. You’ll walk away inspired and with a better idea of what you can do to enjoy a more productive or purposeful life.

Cost = $100

15-minute power call

Perhaps you have a quick question or just need a few minutes of conversation to break a mental log jam. This 15-minute power call may be all you need.

Cost = $25

Online community

Our online community meets once a week to talk about a variety of topics. While me may have a general theme for the call, there is always time for questions and input from group members. It’s like having a board of directors of trusted advisors offering support, encouragement and ideas.

The calls are recorded and archived so you can listen to any of them whenever you’d like, even if you missed a session

Cost = $49 per month