90-year-old woodworker builds his own Hobbit house

Photo of Stuart Grant in front of his Hobbit house. Photo appeared at SWNS.

Just after his 55th birthday in 1984, Stuart Grant bought a cottage near Inverness, Scotland, despite it being in near total disrepair. The old shoemaker’s house had no doors, windows or a roof. Because the quirky building was nearly 200 years old, Stuart thought it would be a fun do-it-yourself restoration project. He lived in …

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92-year-old finds purpose in carving bowls for charities

Photo of Robert Gaines taken by The Burg News.

When 92-year-old Robert Gaines escapes to his garage almost daily, he does so to turn discarded wood into new bowls. In other words, he finds purpose by repurposing wood others would consider to be junk. Doing so re-energizes him, The Burg reported. A salesman by trade, he retired 30 years ago and now loves turning …

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Abysmal diets cause life expectancy to plummet

Photo of overweight man eating a burger at his desk.

“Alas, improving the American diet is all but absent from the national public policy agenda,” Matthew wrote. “Until dietary patterns change, American waistlines will continue expanding and American life expectancy will continue declining.”

Soldier finds purpose in powerlifting

Photo of Sgt 1st Class Timothy Burnell taken by Marcy Sanchez.

Considerably older than many of the 700 troops he oversees, Timothy wants to set a good example for younger enlisted people at his hospital. Besides, he truly enjoys lifting as a way to provide therapeutic self-care.