Be a unique grandparent

Photo of a guitar-playing grandfather and his singing granddaughter.

“We don’t have to compete with the child’s other grandparents or even parents, and we don’t even need to specialize in one area,” Barbara wrote. “We can grandparent in our own unique style and way.”

Are you drawn to people, data or things?

Older woman explaining a diagram.

After years of trying to make “what they’re good at” work for them, many times people are left with feelings of frustration and sometimes anger because what they’re doing goes against their calling.

Maximize your mentoring

Photo of a key unlocking a door to success.

Because each of us was mentored by someone for something during our lives. We almost have a duty to pay their generosity forward by lending our expertise to someone else.

Do you count your days or make them count?

Photo of a calendar with colored pins inserted into special days.

The point of numbering our days is to gain a heart of wisdom — not necessarily a mind of wisdom. According to the Pulpit Commentary, a “heart of wisdom” means to reflect on the brevity of life so that our heart can be wise and understanding.